Is there a correlation between poor hygiene and the presence of bed bugs?

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Bed bugs are a prevalent domestic pest that sustains itself by consuming the blood of both people and animals. Bed bugs are often located in bedding, however they may also conceal themselves inside furniture, fissures, and minuscule gaps in walls, floors, and ceilings.

Although bed bugs might be bothersome, it is important to note that their presence is not indicative of inadequate hygiene, and they can affect anyone regardless of their cleanliness.

This blog article aims to refute the misconception that bed bugs are a consequence of inadequate cleanliness.

Common Bed Bug Misconceptions

Many people think that bed bugs are a result of unsanitary living conditions, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Bedbugs can be uncovered in any living environment, whether it’s a five-star hotel or a cluttered home. They are attracted to warmth, carbon dioxide, and blood, regardless of the cleanliness of the area.

Another common misconception is that bed bugs are too small to see. While their bodies are small, bed bugs are visible to the naked eye. They are about the size of an apple seed, and their reddish-brown color makes them easy to spot on light-coloured surfaces.

If you’re dealing with a bed bug infestation, it’s important to separate fact from fiction. To learn more about bed bug myths and facts, check out our bed bug myths and facts page.

Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

Bed bugs can come from a variety of places. They are excellent hitchhikers and can easily be transported in luggage, clothing, and even on pets. They can also travel between adjacent units in multi-unit buildings such as apartments and hotels.

To learn more about where bed bugs come from, check out our where do bed bugs come from page.

How to Find Bed Bugs During the Day?

Despite being called bed bugs, these pests don’t just hide in beds. They can be discovered in other furniture such as couches and chairs, as well as in cracks and crevices around the room. During the day, bed bugs hide in these areas, making them difficult to spot.

To find bed bugs during the day, you’ll need to do a thorough inspection of your home. Check all cracks and crevices in your furniture, as well as the seams and folds of your mattress. You can also use glue traps to capture bed bugs.

To learn more about finding bed bugs during the day and how to use glue traps, check out our how to find bed bugs during the day and how to use glue traps for bed bugs pages.

What Do Bed Bug Eggs Look Like on a Mattress?

Bed bugs lay their eggs in hidden places, usually in cracks and crevices near where they feed. This means that mattresses, box springs, and bed frames are common areas for finding bed bug eggs. The eggs of bedbugs are white, small and oval-shaped, and are usually found in clusters. They are about the size of a pinhead, making them difficult to spot without a magnifying glass.

To learn more about what bed bug eggs look like and how to identify them on a mattress, check out our what do bed bug eggs look like on a mattress page.

What Does a Bed Bug Nest Look Like?

Bed bugs don’t typically build nests like other pests such as ants or bees. Instead, they cluster in hidden areas where they can feed and reproduce. These areas are usually near their food source, which is why they are commonly found in beds and other furniture.

To learn more about what bed bug hiding places look like and how to identify them, check out our what does a bed bug nest look like page.

Should I Throw Away My Couch if It Has Bed Bugs?

One of the most common questions people ask when dealing with a bed bug infestation is whether they should throw away infested items such as couches. While it may seem like a logical solution, it is not always necessary. In many cases, infested items can be treated and saved.

To learn more about how to deal with an infested couch and other furniture, check out our should I throw away my couch if it has bed bugs page.

How to Prepare for Bed Bug Extermination

After an infestation of bed bugs has been established, certain measures must be taken to be ready for the elimination process. Following these instructions will increase the likelihood that the bed bug population will be killed off by the treatment.


In conclusion, poor hygiene is not a cause of bed bug infestations. Anyone can get bed bugs, regardless of how clean their living environment is. If you’re dealing with a bed bug infestation, it’s important to separate fact from fiction, and to take the necessary steps to eliminate the pests. For more information on preventing and treating bed bugs, check out our preventing bed bugs from entering your home page.


What is the main cause for bed bugs?

The main cause for bed bugs is usually infested furniture or bedding. They can also be brought into your home through luggage, clothing, or used furniture.

Is it possible to get bed bugs as a result of poor hygiene?

Bed bugs may infest even the cleanest person. Bed bugs aren’t drawn to places because of their cleanliness, but rather because of the body heat and exhaled carbon dioxide of people.

Can a clean person get bed bugs?

Bed bugs may infest even the tidiest of homes. Bed bugs are not an indication of dirty living conditions and may spread to any home.

Are bed bugs caused by unsanitary conditions?

Bed bugs might appear for other reasons than filth. Both pristine and filthy settings will host them. However, they may find more places to hide in disorganised spaces.

What instantly kills bed bugs?

The use of steamers or hot dryers may quickly and effectively eliminate bed bugs. Also useful are insecticides developed particularly for use against bed bugs.

What keeps bed bugs off your body?

Avoid sleeping in contaminated regions, use bed bug-proof mattress and pillow coverings, and sleep in long-sleeved pyjamas to keep the bugs off your body while you sleep.

Do bed bugs hate clean sheets?

Bed bugs are not deterred by freshly laundered bedding. Even if bed bugs aren’t drawn to dirty sheets, they’ll nonetheless infest a bed if it leads to a human host.

How did I get bed bugs when I haven’t been anywhere?

Bed bugs may hitchhike on everything from clothes and luggage to secondhand furniture. Someone else or something you brought into your house, even if you haven’t travelled, might have introduced them.

What to do if you slept in a bed with bed bugs?

Bed bugs may hitchhike on everything from clothes and luggage to secondhand furniture. Someone else or something you brought into your house, even if you haven’t travelled, might have introduced them.

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